Digger Driver gets that sinking feeling on Eastney

digger driver gets that sinking feeling on eastney

Eastney, we have a problem!!!

Teams repairing coastal defences on Eastern Road have been spotted   “losing” a digger in Portsmouth,  this morning, whilst carry out coastal coastal defences. The tide  was  also due to come in too.

A massive  recovery  operation  swung into play taking five hours  and Two specialist  vehicles  to pull the tracked vehicle out of  the sinking mud.


The two specialists ex army trucks were brought in from recovery specialists  Boarhunt and Avery’s of Romsey  who used heavy-duty winches to free the machine from the mud.

A spokesman from Raymond Brown the contractors working on the project  said: ‘We can confirm that one of the excavator vehicles working on the coastal defences at Langstone Harbour has become stuck in the mud along the shoreline. We have  called in  contractors to help recovery the vehicle. The spokesman went on to say that the vehicle runs on vegetable oil and the fuel tanks are reinforced.  Before the  recovery takes place the fuel will be drain from the vehicle.

There are no environmental issues that we are currently aware of, and the contractors have well-rehearsed procedures in place to prevent the possibility of pollution.