An all-female rowing crew who had never actually rowed on the sea – or even met – before the pandemic are asking people to put their hearts into their project and help them complete an historic Atlantic race

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The oar-some foursome, who met ‘virtually’ during the first Covid-19 lockdown, came up with the idea because ‘life is for living and adventures are there to be had.’


But more people have climbed Everest than have rowed across an ocean and this quartet not only have to learn to be a team but at least one of them has to overcome a massive fear of deep water.


“We just put the word out into the world and were drawn to each other through networks and online. We couldn’t meet in person so we met and gelled over Zoom, not actually seeing each other in real life until July 2020 when we went kayaking together,” said instigator Jen Cullom from Oxfordshire.


“Luckily it was just off the Dorset coast because Jen has a fear of deep water, which is another challenge on our list of things to address,” said Emily Woodason from London.


To launch a boat you need a boat and the team haven’t secured enough money for the one-of-a-kind eco-boat that they are eyeing up yet. So their first launch is going to be a fundraiser where they hope to bring the public on board – and even some sponsors.


There are loads of opportunities, but the big one for Valentine’s Day is to give everyone the chance to put their heart in the boat with a little written dedication.


“We are putting our hearts and souls into this and we thought it would be a lovely chance to let other people put their hearts into it too. We will literally carry their hearts with us,” said Erin Bastian from Cornwall.


“It’s not only incredibly romantic, an unique present that you won’t get anywhere else, but it also is a chance for some people to remember important dates and loved ones in their lives: by putting their heart in our boat”.


“We promise to treasure it, and every supporter’s love and memories, and will carry it safely with us across the Atlantic to Antigua,” said JP.


“We are just four women in our thirties but we represent the dreamers, the adventurers, the go-getters, the passionate, the determined and the curious. But more of all we are four ordinary women taking on an extraordinary adventure, racing 3,000 miles across the Atlantic to raise awareness for ocean protection. And we want your hearts in it with us too.”


The Crowdfunder launch of the One Ocean Crew appeal will be hosted by record-breaking international yachtswoman Nikki Henderson on February 1st 2021. To commission your heart from Feb 1st click here: