The Full list of Homes set to be tested for new COVI19 South African variant


Kent County Council and its partners in the Kent Resilience Forum urge all eligible residents to play their part in this important testing programme.

Government have asked for as many people as possible in the ME15 area to be tested following information that a specific variant of COVID-19 may have been identified in the area in a resident who has no links to travel or other variant cases. The variant is known as the South African SARS-CoV-2 – also known as VOC0202012/02.

Households within the ME15 area will be visited by staff from Kent Police, Maidstone Borough Council, Kent Fire and Rescue and other support agencies, who will knock on their door and ask everyone aged 16 and over to carry out a PCR test there and then; this test will then be picked up and sent for laboratory testing within a short time of the initial visit by the same team.



The postcodes are:

  • ME15 0ES, ME15 0ET, ME15 0EU, ME15 0HJ, ME15 0HL, ME15 0HN, ME15
  • 0HP, ME15 0HR, ME15 0HS, ME15 0HT, ME15 0HU, ME15 0HX, ME15 0HY, ME15 0HZ,
  • ME150JB, ME15 0PP, ME15 0PS, ME15 0QG, ME15 6AA, ME15 6AB, ME15 6AD, ME15 6AG, ME15
  • 6AJ, ME15 6AL, ME15 6AN, ME15 6AQ, ME15 6AU, ME15 6AY, ME15 6AZ, ME15 6BA,
  • ME15 6BB, ME15 6BD, ME15 6BE, ME15 6BF, ME15 6BG, ME15 6BH, ME15 6BJ, ME15
  • 6BL, ME15 6BN, ME15 6BP, ME15 6BQ, ME15 6BS, ME15 6BT, ME15 6BU, ME15 6BW,
  • ME15 6BX, ME15 6BY, ME15 6BZ, ME15 6DA, ME15 6DB, ME15 6DD, ME15 6DE,
  • ME15 6DF, ME15 6DG, ME15 6DH, ME15 6DL, ME15 6DN, ME15 6DP, ME15 6DQ,
  • ME15 6DR, ME15 6DS, ME15 6DT, ME15 6DU, ME15 6DW, ME15 6DX, ME15 6DZ,
  • ME15 6EA, ME15 6EF, ME15 6EQ, ME15 6FB, ME15 6FD, ME15 6FE, ME15 6FF,
  • ME15 6FG, ME15 6FH, ME15 6FJ, ME15 6FL, ME15 6FN, ME15 6FP, ME15 6FQ,
  • ME15 6FS, ME15 6FT, ME15 6FU, ME15 6FW, ME15 6FX, ME15 6FY, ME15 6FZ,
  • ME15 6GA, ME15 6GD, ME15 6GE, ME15 6GJ, ME15 6GL, ME15 6GQ, ME15 6GS,
  • ME15 6GT, ME15 6GU, ME15 6GW, ME15 6GX, ME15 6GY, ME15 6GZ, ME15 6HB,
  • ME15 6HW, ME15 6JD, ME15 6JF, ME15 6JW, ME15 6JY, ME15 6JZ, ME15 6LB,
  • ME15 6LF, ME15 6LQ, ME15 6LS, ME15 6NE, ME15 6NN, ME15 6PA, ME15 6PB,
  • ME15 6PD, ME15 6PE, ME15 6PF, ME15 6PG, ME15 6PH, ME15 6PJ, ME15 6PL,
  • ME15 6PN, ME15 6PW, ME15 6PY, ME15 6PZ, ME15 6QE, ME15 6QF, ME15 6QG,
  • ME15 6QH, ME15 6QJ, ME15 6QL, ME15 6QN, ME15 6QP, ME15 6QQ, ME15 6QS,
  • ME15 6QT, ME15 6QU, ME15 6QW, ME15 6QX, ME15 6QY, ME15 6QZ, ME15 6RA,
  • ME15 6RB, ME15 6RE, ME15 6RF, ME15 6RG, ME15 6RJ, ME15 6RP, ME15 6RQ,
  • ME15 6RR, ME15 6RT, ME15 6RU, ME15 6RW, ME15 6RZ, ME15 6SA, ME15 6SB,
  • ME15 6SD, ME15 6SE, ME15 6SG, ME15 6SH, ME15 6SJ, ME15 6SL, ME15 6SN,
  • ME15 6SP, ME15 6SQ, ME15 6SR, ME15 6SS, ME15 6SU, ME15 6SX, ME15 6SZ,
  • ME15 6TA, ME15 6TB, ME15 6TE, ME15 6TF, ME15 6TG, ME15 6TH, ME15 6TJ,
  • ME15 6TL, ME15 6TN, ME15 6TP, ME15 6TQ, ME15 6TR, ME15 6TS, ME15 6TT,
  • ME15 6TW, ME15 6TX, ME15 6TY, ME15 6UA, ME15 6UB, ME15 6UD, ME15 6UE,
  • ME15 6UF, ME15 6UG, ME15 6UH, ME15 6UJ, ME15 6UL, ME15 6UN, ME15 6UP,
  • ME15 6UQ, ME15 6UR, ME15 6UT, ME15 6UU, ME15 6UW, ME15 6UX, ME15 6UY, ME15 6XB, ME15 6XF, ME15 6XJ, ME15 6XL, ME15 6XN, ME15 6XR, ME15 6XY,
  • ME15 6YE, ME15 6YF, ME15 6YH, ME15 6YJ, ME15 6YL, ME15 6YN, ME15 6YP,
  • ME15 6YQ, ME15 6YR, ME15 6YW, ME15 6YX, ME15 6YY, ME15 6YZ, ME15 6ZE,
  • ME15 6ZF, ME15 6ZG, ME15 6ZH, ME15 6ZJ, ME15 6ZL, ME15 6ZN, ME15 6ZP,
  • ME15 6ZQ, ME15 6ZR, ME15 6ZS, ME15 6ZT, ME15 6ZU, ME15 6ZW, ME15 6ZY,
  • ME15 7AS, ME15 7DA, ME15 7DH, ME15 7DL, ME15 7DP, ME15 7DR, ME15 7DX,
  • ME15 7PH, ME15 7UA,ME15 7UB, ME15 7UD, ME15 7UE, ME15 7UF, ME15 9AD,
  • ME15 9AE, ME15 9AG, ME15 9AH, ME15 9AJ, ME15 9AL, ME15 9AP, ME15 9AQ,
  • ME15 9AR, ME15 9AS, ME15 9AT, ME15 9AU, ME15 9AW, ME15 9AX, ME15 9AY,
  • ME15 9AZ, ME15 9BA, ME15 9BB, ME15 9BD, ME15 9BE, ME15 9BG, ME15 9BH,
  • ME15 9BJ, ME15 9BQ, ME15 9BS, ME15 9BT, ME15 9BY, ME15 9BZ, ME15 9DA,
  • ME15 9DE, ME15 9DF, ME15 9DG, ME15 9DJ, ME15 9DL, ME15 9DN, ME15 9DP,
  • ME15 9DQ, ME15 9DR, ME15 9DS, ME15 9FL, ME15 9FP, ME15 9FW, ME15 9FX,
  • ME15 9GA, ME15 9GB, ME15 9GD, ME15 9GE, ME15 9GF, ME15 9HJ, ME15 9LY,
  • ME15 9NN, ME15 9PY, ME15 9QA, ME15 9QB, ME15 9QD, ME15 9QE, ME15 9QF,
  • ME15 9QG, ME15 9QH, ME15 9QJ,ME15 9QL,ME15 9QN, ME15 9QP, ME15 9QR,
  • ME15 9QS, ME15 9QT, ME15 9QU, ME15 9QW, ME15 9QX, ME15 9QY, ME15 9QZ,
  • ME15 9RA, ME15 9RB, ME15 9RD, ME15 9RE, ME15 9RH, ME15 9RN, ME15 9RP,
  • ME15 9RR, ME15 9RS, ME15 9RU, ME15 9RX, ME15 9RY, ME15 9RZ, ME15 9SA, ME15 9SB, ME15 9SD, ME15 9SE, ME15 9SG, ME15 9SH, ME15 9SJ, ME15 9SL,
  • ME15 9SN, ME15 9SP, ME15 9SR, ME15 9SS, ME15 9ST, ME15 9SU, ME15 9SW,
  • ME15 9SX, ME15 9SY, ME15 9TA, ME15 9TB, ME15 9TD, ME15 9TE, ME15 9TG,
  • ME15 9TJ, ME15 9TN, ME15 9TT, ME15 9TX, ME15 9UA, ME15 9UB, ME15 9UD,
  • ME15 9UF, ME15 9UG, ME15 9UH, ME15 9UJ, ME15 9UL, ME15 9UN, ME15 9UQ,
  • ME15 9UR, ME15 9US, ME15 9UT, ME15 9UU, ME15 9UW, ME15 9UY, ME15 9UZ,
  • ME15 9WG, ME15 9WP, ME15 9XA, ME15 9XB, ME15 9XD, ME15 9XG, ME15 9XQ,
  • ME15 9XS, ME15 9YX, ME15 9ZJ, ME15 9ZL, ME15 9ZN, ME15 9ZP, ME15 9ZR,
  • ME16 8GD, ME16 8GE, ME16 8LW, ME16 8RB, ME16 8RD, ME16 9NB, ME17 4NA,
  • ME17 4NB, ME17 4ND and ME17 4NF.