Blessing Mapfumo-Kadungure 37, and her husband Ernest from Hedge End in Southampton has spoken of the heart-ache and anguish after her 11 year old daughter

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Leona became unwell and deteriorated causing her to loose sight in one eye and also paralysis from her waist down.
Doctors have been baffled by the mystery illness and tests conducted by Southampton University hospital have been unable to present a diagnosis.
Blessing contacted us in January after a GoFundMe page was set up in support of fundraising treatment and testing for her daughter by her friend Josie Hughes and has so far raised £4,484 of an £8,000 target with 150 donations.
Blessing, Ernest and their three children Sean, Leona and Jayden are desperate for answers.
Josie Hughes stated;
“Leona Kadungure is Jayden’s sister and she has suddenly, without reason, become paralysed in both her legs and blind in one eye and as a result has been in and out of hospital.
It is baffling the doctors and they haven’t been able to help as they cannot find a diagnosis and therefore cannot provide any treatment.
As parents, we can’t even imagine the worry the family must be going through and how helpless they must be feeling. The only real hope in finding an answer is by paying to get Leona seen privately so that all tests needed can be carried out.
This of course will be costly without having medical insurance and so we really want to do what we can to help.
We realise this must be a difficult time for many but if you can spare even a few pounds then hopefully as a collective we can help to support the costs and Blessing, Ernest, Sean, Leona, Jayden and family will be able to get some answers.
Thank you very much.”
The GoFundMe page can be found using the following link: Help