Paedophile hunter carries out Second sting in Portsmouth

paedophile hunter carries out second sting in portsmouth

A paedophile hunter has carried out a second sting this week in a retail park yards from Portsmouth Football club.

The owner of Not Of Normal Criminal Element poses as underage girls online and talked to Keith Goldswain.

Goldswain than talked the girl into  meeting him at the retail park.

When Keith turned up he was expecting to meet a 14 year old girl for sex.

At the retail park Goldswain claims that he thought that is was  an ex girlfriend making it all up and it was a wind up. Further into the  video  he claims that he has got a  four year old daughter.


The sting  all captured on camera shows Keith trying to convince the  group that he was meeting up to say it was wrong. But this didn’t wash.  In the six minute film, Keith admits that it’s wrong and that was why he turned up despite the fact he had previously sent images of his private parts to the girl knowing that she was under the age of consent.

This is the second sting carried by the group.
In the video is not shown or know if the man was arrested by Police after he tries to make a run for it by saying he has to make a phone call and trying to  drive off but he keys  were taken when he arrived.

A 30-year-old from Reading was arrested on Sunday morning outside Asda in Fratton earlier in the year. He has now been bailed after being questioned by Police in Portsmouth until 11 July.

Hampshire police have said any vigilante action could be breaking the law and diverts resources away from investigating child sex abuse.

Posted on their facebook page they said : ‘People think by posting the stuff I do, it causes a mischief for trials.

‘I don’t care much for convictions, a conviction is just a little brucey!

Public exposure is far more a sentence than 12 months and all traces removed from the net.’