Commissioner praises officers for assisting London Ambulance Service

After nearly five weeks of supporting our blue light colleagues in the London Ambulance Service, today (Sunday) marks the end of a recent partnership where officers volunteered to drive ambulances.

This partnership came following extraordinary demand for ambulances as a result of the global pandemic. To support the LAS, the Met provided 75 officers to drive ambulances, responding to emergencies and helping transport those unwell to hospitals across London.

As pressure for ambulances eases, regular Met officers will return to their normal duties – responding to emergencies across London and helping keep the streets of the capital safe.

During the five weeks, it is estimated that Met officers helped the LAS respond to more than 5,000 emergencies.

Commissioner Cressida Dick, said: “The Met and London Ambulance Service work very closely together all the time.

“On an average day we will attend between 300 and 400 calls for assistance from Londoners where both police and paramedic skills are required.

“And of course, we train and exercise together regularly to ensure we respond in a co-ordinated and effective manner to major and critical incidents.

“This latest partnership has been a great success. Police officers in London regularly save lives – it’s the most important thing we do.

“Over the last five weeks, I know my colleagues have been delighted to help out LAS at a very difficult time of high demand. They have attended more than 5,000 calls of all sorts, provided vital assistance to the LAS and of course the public.

“I am very proud of them. I am also very proud of our “special constables” – unpaid volunteers – 20 of whom have also assisted in this way and will stay on for a couple of weeks more.

“This is an important moment in our “blue light” history and we stand ready to assist if required in the future.”

Chief Operating Officer and Deputy Chief Executive of London Ambulance Service, Khadir Meer said: “As our partnership with the Metropolitan Police Service draws to an end, we would like to thank each and every police officer who has provided us with invaluable support over the past few weeks.

“With their help we have reached more patients in need of our care during this difficult time, by putting extra resources out on the road responding to those who need us. We look forward to continuing to work closely together, in different circumstances, at incidents across the capital.”

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, said: “On behalf of all Londoners, I want to thank our brave police officers for coming forward at a time of crisis to support our city’s ambulance service in what has been one of the busiest periods in its history.

“Throughout the pandemic, our police officers have gone above and beyond to bear down on violence, enforce the rules and help keep us safe in very challenging circumstances. They have also put themselves forward to drive our capital’s ambulances day and night so that those most in need could get the medical attention they deserve. Our officers are the very best of us.”