Search Seventh charge in Imani Allaway-Muir murder in Islington

Police investigating the fatal shooting of Imani Allaway-Muir in Islington last year have charged a seventh male with his murder.

ames Nicholson, 34 of no fixed address, was arrested on Thursday, 25 February and has been charged with murder.

He is due to appear at Highbury Corner Magistrates’ Court on Friday, 26 February.

Imani Allaway-Muir, who was aged 22, was fatally shot on Saturday, 4 July 2020 in Islington..

Six other males have previously been charged with Imani’s murder.

Nathaniel Reece, 39  of Southgate Road N1 was charged on Thursday, 9 July.

Matthew Hardy, 34  of Six Acres Estate N4 was charged on Thursday, 9 July.

Darren Dredge, 38 of no fixed abode was charged on Thursday,16 July 2020

Hassan Hamza, 27 of Arundel Square, N7 was charged on Thursday,16 July.

Demetrios Kyriacou, 33  of Liverpool Road, N1 was charged on Thursday, 16 July.

Dean Walker, 31 of Shearling Way, N7, was charged with murder on Thursday, 3 December.

A trial date has been set for February 2022.