A Borehamwood woman who stabbed her former partner has been sent to prison for 14 months


Victoria Woods, aged 34, of Crown Road, pleaded guilty to grievous bodily harm (GBH) on January 4, 2020.

The court heard that at around 8.50pm on 24 June last year, Woods and her ex-partner, who had both been drinking, had a verbal argument outside her address in Crown Road, Borehamwood. Woods threatened to kill her partner before he got into his car to escape. Woods got on to the bonnet of his car screaming, swearing and continued to make threats to his life.

They both went back inside the address but two minutes later, the male victim had suffered a stab wound to his back and was pleading for help from neighbours before collapsing in the street from his injuries.

Detective Constable Sue Holmes, from the Domestic Abuse Investigation and Safeguarding Unit (DAISU), said: “There had been a history of calls to the address with both parties often unsupportive of police action, failing to tell officers exactly what had happened. It is clear that on this evening something went drastically wrong with the victim receiving injuries that were life-threatening. We will never know exactly what went on inside that address which is often the case with domestic incidents but what is clear from this incident is that domestic abuse affects men as well as women.”

She said “Unfortunately with this case the victim was again unsupportive of police action so it was prosecuted on an evidence-led basis. Although more female victims seek help from us and other specialist services, we know many men experience domestic abuse and I would encourage anyone experiencing such behaviour to contact us or a specialist charity for support. If you do not wish to speak to the police then there are some great charities for men such as the National Male Support Service – email Survivors UK or Respect which runs a confidential helpline for male victims of Domestic abuse.

Since her arrest in June 2019, Woods had an electronic tag with a 12-hour curfew.

If you are experiencing domestic abuse, call 0300 790 6772 for advice and support during week day office hours. In an emergency, call 999. If you are not able to speak, call 999 from a mobile and press 5 and 5. Help and support is also available from the Sunflower Centre at