Fifteen FPNs issued after police called to party at Amesbury business premises

Fifteen people have been issued with £200 fines for breaching Covid-19 restrictions after officers were called to a party at a business in Amesbury last night.

Yesterday (22/03) Police received information about potential lockdown breaches at a business premises in Bence Court.

At around 10pm last night officers attended the address and found a group of people attending a private gathering.

In total, 15 men, all aged in their 40s and 50s, were given fixed penalty notices for £200 each.

Inspector Pete Sparrow welcomed the fines and thanked the member of the public who raised their concerns.

He said: “This shows that when we receive information from the public about lockdown breaches, we will make enquiries and take enforcement action when appropriate.

“We know that some people may be feeling that the restrictions will soon be lifting and, because cases have started to fall, then we will turn a blind eye to those who flout the law.

This is not the case – at this current time the national lockdown remains in place and these types of gatherings pose a risk to public health.”

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