A Bedfordshire man who used fake profiles to arrange meet-ups with young girls and rape them in prolonged attacks has been jailed for eighteen years

Twenty-four year old Barry Price was found guilty of four counts of rape, three counts of sexual assault, and two counts of false imprisonment.
Luton Crown Court heard how Price posed as a teenage boy online and arranged to meet young girls.
On October 28, 2019 he met a teenage girl who he had spoke to online.
He locked her in his car and raped her, and then taken to a property in Gamlingay where he continued to rape and assault her.
Eventually, he took her to the train station and said, “good luck getting home”.
On 7 November 2019, Price met a 15-year-old girl, after misleading her that he was also a teenage boy.
He took her to the same property in Gamlingay, where subjected her to sexual assault and rape.
When she tried to leave, he threatened her and destroyed her mobile phone.
On sentencing, Mr Recorder James Wood QC described Price as callous and of showing no remorse or empathy.
Mr Wood added that he had no doubt Price planned the rapes, showing a self-entitlement to sexually abuse his victims.
He also said that Price was a high risk to children and young adults, as well as prison staff and members of the public.
Praising the two young girls for their courage in coming forward, he told Price: “The memory of what you did to them will live with them forever.”