Roads Policing Officers have dedicated time and resources to ensuring those using commercial vehicles are doing so safely and legally across South Yorkshire as part of a week of action

Personal and commercial vehicles are by law required to be safe, insured, taxed and driven safely, however those being used for business reasons have additional laws and requirements which they must adhere to for everyone’s safety.
Thousands of people lose their lives or are seriously injured on the UK’s roads each year, often due to circumstances that could have been avoided. We are committed to doing all we can to reduce that number and save lives.
Highways England recently provided SYP with an unmarked HGV tractor unit which allowed our officers to see inside vehicles of a greater height including HGV’s and LGV’s.
Last week (15-19 March) SYP, one of two forces nationally were again provided with the unit and were able to utilise it alongside dedicated stop sites to ensure those driving for commercial purposes were road legal.
Roads Policing Sergeant Bruce Yacomeni explains more about the operation, he said: “Those using vehicles for commercial purposes have laws that they must adhere to for everyone’s safety on our roads.
“Restrictions on weight are law for a reason, weight has a significant impact on your braking distances and the way in which a vehicle moves and handles, should sudden reactions be required.
“Load safety and driving hour restrictions are in place for everyone’s safety; the driver and other road users. Those who fall asleep behind the wheel or have slow reaction times are at a higher chance of causing serious injury.”
During the week long operation 150 vehicles were stopped, with 120 recorded offences.
Sgt Yacomeni explains more, he said: “Some of the worst vehicles we have seen this week include those up to 43% overweight, including recovery trucks, vehicles being driven in dangerous condition including an insecure bonnet and cracked windscreen and drivers not completing Tachographs; a device used to monitor drivers’ hours.
“With the use of the tractor unit we have witnessed over 48 drivers driving while not wearing a seat belt, 18 driving whist using their mobile phone and 12 found to not be in proper control of their vehicle.
“We know we say it over and over again but simple steps when you get in your vehicle can save lives; put your seatbelt on, put your phone away, don’t speed and ensure you’re following laws surrounding your vehicle’s use.”
“We are developing and enhancing the specialist knowledge and capabilities of our dedicated and hard working Roads Policing Team. Officers have recently received training in the Carriage of Dangerous Goods and vehicle examination and prohibition. ”
We will proactively and robustly deal with those who cause or have potential to cause harm to our communities. Our officers patrol 24 hours a day, 7 days a week across South Yorkshire.
Sarah Watson-Quirk, Highways England Regional Road Safety Coordinator said:
“The vast majority of people drive responsibly and we hope Operation Tramline will encourage all road users to drive safely. We have several lorry cabs at Highways England that provide the police with a valuable extra tool to carry out their job enforcing the law.
“Unfortunately around 450 people are killed or seriously injured every year on England’s motorways and major A roads as a result of a driver being impaired or distracted. Last week’s operation delivered safe driving messages to 150 drivers and has helped make our roads safer.”