A twenty-five-year-old man who conned strangers, friends and his partner to fund his gambling addiction has been sentenced at Cardiff Crown Court

Scott Newland’s eleven victims gave him a total of £30,467.04 over a six-month period. Some of the lies he told was that his father had died and the money was to help with funeral expenses, also, that he was buying his ex-partner’s share of a house. In addition, he falsely advertised computers for sale, taking money for goods that would never arrive.

During one of the false sales, Newland used a redacted copy of his partner’s police warrant card without her knowledge, to appear a genuine seller.

Jason Howells of the CPS said: “Scott Newland lied to his partner and friends, using their confidence in him to gain considerable amounts of money.

“The use of his partner’s work identification was a tremendous breach of their personal trust and gives an indication of the grip that his gambling addiction had on him.

”The CPS considered all the evidence and advised on charges, resulting in a strong case being prepared and guilty pleas entered at the first hearing.”

Newland was sentenced to a total of 28 months’ imprisonment on 25 March 2021.