Tomorrow, restrictions requiring people to stay at home will be eased, allowing groups of up to six people, or two households, to meet outside


As part of this, people will also be allowed to take part in formally organised outdoor sport, likewise, other outdoor activities such as tennis or open-air swimming will also be allowed to resume.

Large gatherings, unless certain exemptions apply, will remain unlawful and risk further spreading the virus. That is why the Met will continue to respond quickly to those gatherings which pose a serious risk to public health.

This could be a large house party or an unlicensed music event, where large numbers of people have gathered together, often in tightly compacted venues or dangerously derelict buildings.

Officers will remain highly visible in communities, including open spaces, as the restrictions ease from Monday.

Deputy Assistant Commissioner Jane Connors, leading the Met’s strategic response to Covid-19, said:

“We welcome the limited relaxation of rules on Monday and thank everyone who has played a vital part in making this happen. By staying at home, it has meant the infection rate has dropped, and some freedoms can once again return.

“But we must not let Monday’s news distract us, or usher in any complacency. The risk of Covid-19 has not vanished and people across London continue to be infected with this deadly disease. Wherever possible, we should continue to be vigilant, minimise our contact as much as possible, wear a face covering where required and keep ourselves safe. That means avoiding any large gathering.

“We will continue to respond quickly to house parties or dangerous raves, taking enforcement action by handing out fines. We make no apology for our tough stance on shutting down those large gatherings which risk public safety.

“Across London, Met officers will continue to be highly visible in communities and neighbourhoods. The public will see more officers in public spaces, engaging with Londoners as part of their duties and keeping people safe. We will also continue to bear down on our number one priority, violent crime.”