A Swindon man has been sent to prison for threatening violence and also for being caught with a machete

On Thursday 1 April, Trishton Whyte, aged 20, from Ruskin Avenue, was sentenced at Swindon Youth Court to 12-months in jail after admitting to threatening another man with a gardening tool on 9 November 2020 at an address in Meadowcroft, and for the separate machete incident last month. 

On the evening of Monday 8 March, Whyte was travelling as a passenger in a VW Golf which was stopped by officers, who were on patrol on Great Western Way, after the vehicle passed at speed and with a faulty rear light.  The car was followed and stopped on Headlands Grove.  Officers noticed a strong smell of cannabis coming from the car and so decided to carry out a search; it was then Whyte admitted to having a large double edged machete, housed in a sleeve, hidden down his jogging bottoms. 

Following the sentencing, PC Craig Head said: “We welcome this result as both incidences are very serious; the threatening behaviour towards a Swindon resident, using a garden implement as a weapon, and, the separate incident of Whyte carrying an illegal machete, which could cause someone serious harm, were both unacceptable. 
“The message here is that carrying a knife as a weapon is not only breaking the law but the person carrying it is more likely to be seriously or fatally injured compared to someone who isn’t. 
“Also, if you are caught in possession of such a knife, you are more likely to end up in prison.” 

If you have information about knife crime in your area there are options available for reporting. You can call us on 101 or 999 in an emergency or go to where you can report anonymously.