Officers in Southampton have launched an investigation after they were called to Lower Brownhill Road in Southampton on Monday, 5 April, following a dog walker having discovered what appeared to be firearms at the location

Police attended the location and recovered two shotguns and cartridges.
They have now been submitted for further forensic examination in the hope that the owners may be identified and any forensic traces for handling the weapons are found. The forces Firearm licencing department will also investigate if the weapons were licenced or reported as stolen.
It is legal to hold both Firearms and Shotguns in the UK providing a licence is firstly acquired to possess either with good reason on a Section 1 or Section 2 licence.
Members of the public have commented with the fear that guns and ammunition raise serious concern had a child found them. As part of the police probe they will look into any evidence of who may have placed the Shotguns there.
Detective Chief Inspector Dave Brown said: “Although the use of firearms in criminal offences is a rarity, I want to assure you that the safety of our communities is an ongoing priority for us, and that we will always act swiftly to reports such as these.
“We would encourage anyone with information on criminal activity to report it to police.
“All information helps us to build a better picture of what is happening in our communities, and ultimately helps us to keep you safe.”
If you have any information on the shotguns, or cartridges please contact police on 101, or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111