A 20-year-old Scarborough man who terrorised a local family in their own home and stabbed a teenager while he hung out with his friends has been sentenced to nine years’ detention in a young offenders’ institute

Joseph George Johnson of Fieldside, Scarborough, was sentenced last week and received six years’ detention for aggravated burglary and 30 months’ detention for assault with intent to commit robbery.

On 21 June last year, Johnson and a his teenage accomplice – who cannot be identified for legal reasons – forced their way into a family’s house in Scarborough where Johnson held a knife to the throat of a woman and a 15-year-old girl. He demanded money before the leaving the house with a Playstation controller.  In addition to his detention order, Johnson was also issued with a 10-year restraining order, preventing him from entering the road where the family live or contacting them.

In a separate offence on 31 May 2020, Johnson held a screwdriver to the face of a 19-year-old man in an area known as Jonno’s field in Scarborough, stabbing him once in the face, demanding that his victim and his two friends hand over their money, before stabbing him in the face a second time.

Johnson was charged with assault with intent to commit robbery in respect of the attack in the field on 31 May and was charged with aggravated burglary with intent, in respect of the incident on 21 June.

He was charged with supplying cannabis following his arrest in October 2019 when officers recovered drug paraphernalia and cannabis from his home address.

He pleaded guilty to all three offences and was sentenced at York Crown Court on 8 April 2021.

His accomplice in the attack on the family home was referred to a Youth Justice Panel.