Manhunt launched after Girls Shot at in Paulsgrove

manhunt launched after girls shot at in paulsgrove

A Manhunt has been launched for gunman after a group of girls aged between 11-12 where shot at last night (Saturday April 30).
The girls where shot in an area know as the “The Caves” in Paulsgrove,Hampshire.
The group were having an sleep over at a friend house near the caves to celebrate one of the groups 12th birthday
The group decided to go on a scary walk around the chalk pit field and where being accompanied by the girl’s mum who had organasied the sleep over. A group of men who where in the caves blinded the group with torch before opening fire. Shots from the air rifle hit the Mum in the group who sustained injuries.
The matter has been reported to the Police and they have launched an investigation. A spokesman for Hampshire Police appealed for anyone with information to contact them. The spokesperson went on to say ” They are treated the matter as an isolated incident. Anyone with information is asked to contact Hampshire Police on 101. “