Disgraceful scenes from Old Trafford this afternoon with bottles and barriers thrown at Greater Manchester Police officers bravely trying to maintain order at Manchester United’s ground



Two officers have sadly been injured with one being attacked with a bottle and sustaining a significant slash wound to his face, requiring emergency hospital treatment.

Stu Berry, Chairman of Greater Manchester Police Federation, said: “We witnessed appalling scenes this afternoon – police officers are not punchbags for people protesting for their cause.

“I don’t think there’s a football fan out there who doesn’t support peaceful protest in favour of our national game. However, the minority who have soured those efforts with mindless violence against our colleagues must be identified and prosecuted for their actions today.

“Our thoughts are with our injured officers this evening and we hope the media can give our members the recognition they deserve.”

Stu added: “At the end of their shifts, hard-working police officers should be able to go home to their families in one piece. Not be rushed to hospital.

“We will be seeking a review of today’s operational risk assessment and public order resources on behalf of our members.”