Knife wielding man arrested by armed Police after rooftop standoff in Kingswood near Maidstone

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Kent Police cordoned off part of Pitt Road and Gravelly Bottom Road in Kingwood during the standoff that started off late on Thursday evening and went on to the early hours of Friday. A knife-wielding man has been arrested following a rooftop standoff in the Kingswood Village.


Police cordoned off the roads, for around three hours during the incident, where a man took to the roof of a house armed with a knife at around 12.30am. There was a large police presence in the area, as police attempted to get the man to come down from the roof.


A fire crew from Maidstone was also called to the critical incident along with an advanced paramedic. Armed Police officers from Kent Police Tactical Operations a Dog unit and response officers from Maidstone.


After it is understood the man has been involved in a domestic argument  before taking refuge on the roof armed with the knife. Officers armed with Tazers and shields were seen going into a property at one point.


A Police helicopter based at Redhill was also called to share a downlink with control room officers this remains in the air having to pull away after 2 hours due to running low on fuel.


Kent Fire and Rescue drones team were also placed on standby to attend the incident but were later stood down. Police later arrested a man on suspicion of affray and assault and he remains in police custody.

It is not known if anyone has been injured during the incident or the nature of the injuries to the man’s father. Officers at the scene confirmed that the man had been detained and arrested

 Kent Police have been approached for comment