Man stabbed inside central London Selfridges Store


Metropolitan Police and London Ambulance Service called to a fight that had broken out within a top store in London

Police were dispatched to reports of a fight within a top London store know as Selfridges, on arrival they found that a male had been stabbed in the attack.
A total of 7 people was arrested at the scene for GBH and Affray.

It has now emerged that this was an attack on a rival gang, Who was also shopping in the store at the time.

A source has said that The Tottenham gang known as OFB was in the store shopping.

When they spotted a rival gang also shopping, There was an exchange of words between the 2 groups.

Then one of the OFB Gang members who has been referred to as Bandokay, Grabbed a Mannequin body from a store display and launched it at the rival gang member.

The minor scuffle then broke out which in the process a male was stabbed in the leg.

A total of 7 persons was arrested

A male aged 20, with a stab injury to the leg.

He was taken to hospital for treatment before being discharged.

He was subsequently arrested on suspicion of affray.

A number of 6 males and 1 female was also arrested for the incident.

All still remain in custody.