A charity shop in Fareham had rather an unusual donation this week

A black bin bag which was thought to contain clothing in fact was full of cannabis plants leaving staff stunned.
Officers were informed and attended the shop to remove the valuable donation. They would like to speak with the donor to ensure they were happy to part with their goods.
It is likely that the bag was mixed up and the owner may be disappointed to check on the crop cuttings to find their Denham was not also dropped off.
Fareham Police said;
“It’s amazing what people will give to charity, but this time, it’s a bit much… a bin bag full of cannabis! If you have donated this item in the midst of a purple haze, please get in touch as I’d love to talk to you about your generosity! (Although I do have a comical image of a person going to their stash and only to find a bag full of old clothes!)”