Road rage attacker jailed


Road rage attacker jailed

A man punched and kicked another driver after flying into a rage in a Peterborough street.

Curtis King, of Bourges Boulevard, Peterborough, was driving aggressively and erratically in St John Street on 15 April 2019 when he came up behind another vehicle.

The 32-year-old tried to overtake before turning into London Road and cutting in front of the other victim, who had his wife and children on board.

King slammed his breaks on, left the car and charged towards the other car. As the victim went to get out, King slammed the door into his face before punching him twice.

The force of the punches caused the man to fall onto his knees, where King then kicked him twice in the back.

King got back into his van and drove off. His victim was left with cuts and bruising to his eye socket.

King was arrested and later pleaded guilty to common assault and driving without due care and attention. He was sentenced to 15 weeks in prison at Peterborough Crown Court yesterday (11 May).

Sergeant Jason Langford, who investigated, said: “King’s behaviour was shocking and completely unacceptable. No-one deserves to be attacked in this way, especially in front of their young children, and I am pleased he has now been brought to justice.

“The dash cam footage seized in this road rage incident was helpful in securing a prosecution and I’d urge anyone who witnesses dangerous or anti-social driving to report that to us, which can be done with or without video evidence.”