New recruit wants others to be inspired to follow in his footsteps

Jacob Zulu

One of Nottinghamshire Police’s newest recruits has shared how he wants to inspire a new generation of officers and staff.

Jacob Zulu, 23, recently joined the force as a police staff investigator with the goal of showing aspiring police officers and staff that force is an achievable career for them, regardless of background or pressure from peers.

In his role, Jacob uses investigative techniques to help solve crime as a member of staff rather than a traditional police officer. Whether it be an assault or a shop theft, he is trained to liaise with victims and suspects to support officers and detectives in their investigations.

“I’ve always wanted to work for the police,” explained Jacob, who has just completed his second week after receiving his powers from Chief Constable Craig Guildford on Friday 30 April.

Jacob, who is originally from Leicester, added: “I’d considered applying to be a police officer but if I am being honest, I don’t I am ready the level of pressure the role demands.

“I knew about staff investigator roles and felt like it was exactly the kind of thing I was after.

“I’d studied a policing degree for a couple of years but I don’t think I was ready for the pressures of the police work alongside it.

“I then moved to studying a Crime and Investigators degree at Anglia Ruskin University and that’s when I knew that a this was the role for me.”

Jacob graduated in the December 2020 as the UK prepared for another national lockdown due to the pandemic.

He saw the opportunities on the force website and applied and in March, he got the call to offer him the job.

Jacob said: “I was delighted, it is literally the job I really wanted. To go from graduating to landing my dream job in the space of three months is amazing, I am really proud.

“I feel so lucky to have got a job during the pandemic in an area that I have always wanted to work in.

“And since I started, I have been treated with kindness and respect, the people here are amazing.

“I’ve been getting to grips with the role and working on some cases including a criminal damage and assault incident.”

Jacob wants young people aspiring to work for the police to not let any external pressures stop them for applying.

He explained: “I understand why some people may be worried of what their friends of family may think of them for working for the police.

“I was worried of what people may think about me if I joined but my family have always been incredibly supportive.

“As someone who is mixed-race, I feel that it’s so important for you to have people who look like you in roles that you dream of doing.

“One of the main reasons I joined is to show people that this is a possible option for them and I hope that in some way, someone might look at me and think that working for the police is a viable career option for them.

“I’d say to anyone who is considering working for the police but is holding back because of concerns about pressure from friends or family – take the leap.

“There is so much support for you and people are there to help. It’s such a rewarding career too.

“You spend every day helping others and no two days are the same, I’m really excited by what the future holds.”

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