An opportunist thug has been sentenced to 27 months behind bars after robbing an elderly man of his wallet and pleading guilty at Grimsby Magistrates Court

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Michael Pullan (40) of Eleanor Street, Grimsby was sentenced on Monday 10 May after the court heard of how he preyed on the vulnerable nature of his victim.

On Thursday 8 April, Pullan approached a passer by asking for money which they declined to give him. Persisting in his search, Pullan preyed on the vulnerable nature of a nearby elderly man.

Attacking him from behind knocking the elderly man to the floor, Pullan robbed him of his personal possession before fleeing Eleanor Street, Grimsby leaving his vulnerable victim on the floor injured.

DC Connolly leading the investigation said: “Violent crime is something that we will continue to tackle robustly to bring these criminals to justice.

“This was a completely unprovoked attack I’m pleased that Pullan is now behind bars where he belongs.

“I really hope this provides his victim with some comfort after having to go through such a terrifying experience.