Travellers should show ‘respect’ after setting up camp just feet from graveyard

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Travellers camping next to a cemetery told one upset relative ‘we aint gonna wake them up. Now f*** off’ Travellers have ‘taken over’ a field near to the Woodlands Cemetery in Gillingham – allegedly leaving it strewn with waste and telling a distraught mourner to ‘f*** off’. Ten caravans, approx 15 vehicles dumped human waste, rubbish including used nappies that have discovered strewn across, the field after they arrived on Sunday afternoon.


Kids on Quad bikes have been ripping up grass and riding over footbridges. One woman who asked not to be named said: “It’s absolutely disgusting, so disrespectful. “Of all the places they chose to pitch up they had to appear next to a crematorium, it’s outrageous.” The travellers should move out of respect.


One member of the Twydall Area Community Group made claims he was told by the travellers when he rise the point of the field being next to the cemetery was told to fuck off we ain’t gonna wake them up they’re dead. He said: “I think they’ve crossed a line by setting up there. It’s supposed to be a place where people go to pay their respects. “My mum is laid to rest there so I decided to go down ask them nicely to leave because I was upset by it. “I didn’t raise my voice or swear I just asked them to leave for the sake of people wanting to visit their loved ones. “I tried to appeal to them to show a bit of respect’.”


Tricia Turner said I went on the field today one of the boys putting middle finger at me and swearing I just laughed at him ,I see human shit, it’s the kids they are the nightmare,there is a homeless man sleeping under a tree by the factory’s hope the kids leave him alone ,he been there for 3 weeks or more now.

A Medway Council spokesperson said: “We are following a civil legal process to move the group on as quickly as possible.”