Three plead guilty to burglary & jailed for 17 years

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Three men have pleaded guilty to a burglary that took place in Ipswich. The incident took place at approximately 5:45am on Saturday 13 June last year at a residential address on Neath Drive in Ipswich. Three men forced entry to the property, waking the single occupant, a man in his 60s. The men, threatened the victim with a knife and to pour boiling water over him, they demanded that the victim reveal his PIN for his bank card, stealing the card, a large sum of cash and jewellery. Just a short time later the bank card was used to withdraw cash from a nearby cashpoint. The victim was left distressed and shocked but not harmed as a result of the incident. Three men from Ipswich, 36 year-old Daniel Tovey of Marigold Avenue, 37 year-old Glynn Davis of Springhurst Close and 48 year-old William Hutchinson of Norwich Road were all arrested by police on the same day and taken to Martlesham Police Investigation Centre for questioning. The three men were charged on 14 June 2020. As part of the investigation, forensics enquiries established some compelling evidence with all three defendants placed within the property either via footwear marks, fingerprint marks or DNA being found on the knife used to threaten the victim. Extensive work on the mobile phones attributed to the suspects also secured further strong evidence to indicate the trio were responsible. At Ipswich Crown Court on Monday 24 May 2021 they all pleaded guilty to burglary. Glynn Davis received a six year jail sentence, William Hutchinson received a six year jail sentence and Daniel Tovey received 5 years and 5 months in jail. DC Leia Dowsing from the Serious Crime Disruption Team said: “This was an extremely alarming and frightening experience for the victim who lives alone, is vulnerable and has disabilities. The victim was subjected in his own home to aggressive verbal behaviour and threats of physical violence. One of the offenders remained downstairs with the victim, while the other two offenders were upstairs ransacking rooms. “Emotional distress was also caused when the offenders stole several items of jewellery including two gold rings that had belonged to the victim’s late mother and wife. These were pulled from the victim’s fingers as he wore them and were of course of great sentimental value to him. Thankfully some items were later recovered to include these rings”. “Through the courage of the victim, together with witnesses supporting the prosecution of this case, it assisted in securing the guilty pleas that were entered for this very unpleasant and serious incident”. The Serious Crime Disruption Team core aim is to disrupt serious and organised gangs whose criminal activity focuses on issues such as drug supply and harmful personal acquisitive crime such as robbery/burglary. Its purpose is to tackle the high threat and harm issues including the supply of controlled drugs. Pictures left Hutchinson; top right Tovey and the bottom right is Davis.