Mayor and Mayoress get dolled up in ultimate dolly shopping experience

mayor and mayoress get dolled up in ultimate dolly shopping experience

With the assistance of The Mayor of Fareham, Cllr Mike Ford and Mayoress Mrs Anne Ford

Gillian Stretton- Knowles opened the new Adopt a dolly store in the Fareham shopping centre on Saturday.

Gilly,36, of Baffins, says “In the formative years of infancy a child’s first experience is that of mother care, no wonder that as he or she grows up they wish to emulate their role models.

Adopt a Dolly offers an environment in a unique toy store offering infants the experience of dolly motherhood in an environment sympathetic to the theme of caring for a child.

once the New born baby doll is adopted before taking your baby home, you can name your baby and will receive an adoption certificate and all the accessories required for the care of your baby. On the anniversary of your purchase you will also receive a birthday card for your baby doll.”