A small kitchen fire was caused accidentally in Chatham after it’s believed cooking was left unattended

Kent Fire x

Two fire engines were sent to the house in Haig Avenue after food was left under the grill and caught alight. Crews wore breathing apparatus and used a hose reel to extinguish the small fire inside the oven. They also used a high pressured fan to clear the property of smoke. No casualties were reported. Following the incident, residents are reminded to keep looking while they’re cooking and to follow these simple safety tips, which could help prevent a serious fire in the kitchen: – Keep an eye on your cooking and remember to switch off your cooker if you have to leave the room – Use a timer for items placed in your oven or grill to remind when your food is done and to save it from burning – Keep your cooker, grill and oven clean to avoid a build-up of grease and fat that could start a fire – Ensure electric cookers, toasters and microwaves are turned off at the mains when you have finished using them