Mindless Arsonists Put Fire Fighters in Danger after Fort Gilkicker Fire

mindless arsonists put fire fighters in danger after fort gilkicker fire

Two Fire Crews have managed to contain a blaze started by mindless arsonists at Fort Gilkicker in Stokes Bay  this evening.

Fire Crews  from Fareham who just been stood down from fighting a blaze at Browndown Range were sent to the fire at the historic Palmerston Fort.

Watch manager, Dave Higgins, stressed the importance of staying away from derelict buildings. He explained, “It’s obviously a very dangerous structure. Kids coming in and setting fire to these buildings can get themselves trapped really easily.

“There’s a lot of fire loading in here, lots of extra wood plus aerosol cans and hazardous materials.”

Dave explained that the incident tied up Hampshire appliances and crews had been dealing with another incident as well.

“This has put firefighters’ lives at risk, it’s put members of the public’s lives at risk, just because of people who think it’s funny to play in derelict buildings and start fires.

“As soon as I commit my firefighters to a derelict building I am committing them to all kinds of risks like falling through floors, collapsed structures. Equally if people are trapped in there, we will commit to rescue them and that puts my firefighters at risk too.

“Be sensible. Don’t come into these places. If you see them open, report them to the council to have them boarded up. They are dangerous to everybody.”

An investigation will now take place.