Lifeboat Called after Persons report clinging to upturned Boat in Portsmouth Harbour

lifeboat called after persons report clinging to upturned boat in portsmouth harbour

Emergency services have been scrambled this evening after reports of two people are in the water clinging on to an upturned boat in Busy shipping of Portsmouth Harbour.

The Independent Gosport and Fareham and Inshore Rescue  lifeboat has  been launched along with the Portsmouth and Hillhead Coastguard Rescue teams.

Gosport lifeboat launched and was in search area in within  ten minutes after a report from a third party who contacted the UK Coastguard operations centre  advising  that the pair where in difficulty and had been for past  couple of hours after being caught out by tide and mud. It is belived at one point the pair tried to crawl on their bellies to get back to land after playing on a surfboard.
After extensive search,  was carried out  by the lifeboat crew using FLAIR  Camera and a land search conducted by coastguard  rescue teams.  After a two hour search  the rescue teams where stood down as the people involved had made t it back to the shore safely.