Rochester man handed 18 year sentence for assault and arson

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An 18-year-jail sentence has been handed to a Rochester man who violently assaulted a number of people during several incidents across Medway.

Ryan Miskin of Wickham Street was sentenced on 10 June 2021 after admitting 11 offences at Maidstone Crown Court.

The 36-year-old was charged following a series of assaults which happened between 19 July and 20 August 2020.

On 20 August Miskin forced his way into a home in London Road, Strood, where he assaulted two men and one woman.

The victims, who were not known to Miskin, were eating dinner when he broke into their property. He pushed the woman out of the way before he punched one of the men in the face.

He then used a knife to cause slash wounds to the face and neck of the other man before he fled the property. For this incident he was charged and admitted to wounding with intent and two counts of assault by beating.

Minutes later Miskin approached two men who were inside a stationary BMW in Northcote Road. He attempted to steal the car by threatening the men with a screwdriver before he used the tool to inflict a stab injury to the driver’s head.

He then attempted to steal the keys but was stopped by the passenger and Miskin used the screwdriver to injure one of his hands. He then used a small knife which he used to inflict slash injuries to the victim’s face, neck and wrist. He then fled the scene empty handed.

In connection with this incident Miskin was charged with one count of wounding with intent and two charges of possessing an offensive weapon in a public place.

Miskin also admitted assaulting a woman he knew and setting her car alight, during incidents in Maidstone and Rochester on 21 July. For these offences he was charged with and admitted arson, assault by beating and criminal damage.

He also admitted assaulting a man in an unprovoked attack in Gillingham Park at 8.15pm on 19 July. The victim, who was not known to Miskin, was walking through the park when Miskin rode a motorcycle towards him.

An altercation ensued and Miskin used a knife to cause slash injuries to the victim’s face and arm before leaving the scene off on the motorbike.

This led to a charge, which he admitted, of wounding with intent and possessing an offensive weapon in a public place.

Miskin was arrested on 21 August and later charged with the offences.

As part of the sentence he was also handed a five-year extended licence which he will come into place upon his release.

Investigating officer Detective Constable Taylar Pronger said: ‘Miskin is a violent offender who committed a number of serious offences on several victims.

‘I have no doubt that had we not apprehended him and charged him, that he would have continued to behave in this manner and that there would be a lot more victims. He has quite rightly been handed a lengthy custodial sentence which is reflective of the gravity of his offending and I hope it sends a clear message to others and acts as a deterrent.’