Woman Pulled from Stokes Bay After Multiple Emergency Call to Coastguard

woman pulled from stokes bay after multiple emergency call to coastguard

A Woman is this evening recovering after being rescued by the Gosport and Fareham Independent inshore Lifeboat.

Police, Ambulance, Coastguard Rescue teams and a lifeboat were called to pull a woman from the water in a dramatic rescue this evening off of Stoke Bay in Gosport.

Emergency services responded to a number of reports at just 6.30pm this evening Tuesday (10 May) that a woman in distress had entered the water at near to the Diving Museum on Stokes Bay Road, Gosport.

A spokesman for HM Coastguard said: “ Coastguard Rescue Officers were tasked to assist police following reports that a woman had entered the water at Stokes Bay Road”

“We paged the Independent GAFRIS lifeboat which were tasked a long with coastguard rescue teams attended from Hillhead based at Lee on the Solent.

“The woman was retrieved from the water by the Independent lifeboat and returned to the lifeboat station she has now been handed over to the Care of South Central Ambulance service.
Multiple calls were made to the coastguard by members of the public who raised the alarm.

GAFIRS coxswain Brian Pack said: ‘When we got to the woman she was quite a way from shore, off the paddling pool at Stokes Bay. Initially she declined our help but my crew eventually persuaded her to get out of the cold water and on to the lifeboat once she became tired.’

GAFIRS then transferred the casualty on to the beach where the police and ambulance crews were waiting to assist.

Emma Neal, GAFIRS medical coordinator, added: ‘We kept the casualty warm because she was suffering from moderate hypothermia and transferred her into the care of South Central Ambulance Service who took her to Queen Alexander Hospital for further treatment.’

In total the rescue operation lasted nearly three hours.