Armed Police called to Southsea following reports of a man with a rifle


Armed officers were deployed to the streets of Southsea on Sunday evening following a reported sighting of a man dressed in camouflage carrying a rifle.


Many took to social media reporting the fact a man was on the loose in Rose gardens near the canoe lakes from just after 8 pm.

One lady said she had a lucky escape whilst out walking and been warned of his presence

We left the scene about 40 minutes ago.

An older man approached me and my friends and told us that they’ve spotted a man with a gun going into the Japanese garden on the side of the rose gardens and that they’ve alerted the police, so we immediately departed.

On our way to the cars other people warned us about the same thing.

There were a number of families with children that rushed out of the area too.

Police cars started arrived as we departed.

A second reported a man being treated on the floor near to the Coop wearing camouflage clothing.

Armed police surrounded the man before he was loaded into the back of the ambulance.


Hampshire Police have been approached for comment.