The Smithy Family reveal there has has been involved in an arson attack over night

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Tributes are flooding Twitter for The Smithy Family who took to TikTok last night to reveal that their house had burned down in a huge fire.

If you’re on TikTok, you definitely will have heard of The Smithy Family.

The British family from South London consists of former builder and dad Nick, his partner Jess and their four children who all make funny videos and have racked up over 2.5 million followers.

They’re usually known for their lighthearted, comedic skits, but this week they’ve revealed some terrible news.

n the early hours of Thursday morning (July 15th), Nick Smith took to TikTok to reveal some devastating news.

After receiving harassment for months, their family home in South London was set on fire, but thankfully they all got out and no one was injured.

“So I’m doing this video as people already uploaded videos of the fire. We all got out the house ok. The kids are fine, Teddy is fine, Jack and Amy are fine, me and Jess are fine, the dogs are ok. The house ain’t ok,” he said before revealing that everyone was at a “safe place”.

“To the two people that done this and could’ve killed our family, and not only our family and our neighbours, but my friends, it’s unforgivable,” he added.

Nick accused two specific people for purposely setting the house on fire, but at the time of writing this, it is unknown who these people are.



In a second video uploaded to TikTok just minutes later, Nick shared clips of the devastation that the fire had caused.

He walked past a number of fire vehicles and showed that the road had been closed off before showing his family home which was completely black and covered in ash.


In a third video, Nick then showed himself sleeping in his car outside the house, and despite the tragic events of the night, uploaded his usual good morning message to his fans.

“I can’t not do it, it just ain’t in me not to do it, but good morning beautiful people, I hope you have a good day,” he said.