Man jailed after knife rampage in Battersea

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A man has been jailed after he attempted to stab a woman in Battersea and then threatened further victims with a knife in a chaotic rampage.

Ibrahim Ajbeer, 30 of Moor Lane, Preston, Lancashire was sentenced to six years and ten months in prison at Kingston Crown court on Monday, 19 July.

This comes after he was found guilty of one count of attempted grievous bodily harm on Thursday, 20 May at Kingston Crown Court. He pleaded guilty to six counts of making threats with a bladed article in a public place, criminal damage, burglary and theft at the same court on Wednesday, 21 April.

On 11 October, 2020 at 21:47hrs, Ajbeer entered a shop on Battersea Park Road, SW11 and went behind the counter, picking up a knife which he used to threaten store workers before being chased away.

He didn’t stop there, going into a supermarket on Battersea Park Road to steal a bottle of vodka with the knife in his hand.

Once outside, he approached a woman and ran after her. He grabbed hold of her, pulled clothing from her and held a knife over her as she lay on the ground before he was chased away by members of the public.

His rampage continued on to Falcon Road, SW11 where he stabbed at the window of a car, causing it to shatter, before threatening two women outside a pub on Falcon Road, pinning one to the floor.

The events culminated when he attempted to stab a woman and threatened another before several members of the public bravely intervened and detained him. Officers arrived on scene and arrested Ajbeer.

DC Emily Dawson, investigating officer, said: This was a string of violent, unprovoked attacks in which Ajbeer inflicted fear and intimidation on those in the local community. He went out on the streets looking to cause harm to the public and I thank the members of the public who intervened and restrained Ajbeer. The consequences of his actions could have been far worse and it took extreme bravery to confront him.

“Ajbeer will now spend a considerable amount of time in prison. I am certain this has made our streets a safer place and hope it will bring some closure and justice to the victims who suffered terrifying ordeals. The Met remains committed and dedicated to tackling violent crime and putting offenders behind bars.”