Police Close off Retail Park After Suspect Package Found In Portsmouth

police close off retail park after suspect package found in portsmouth

Anchorage Park has been evacuated this lunch time following a find of a suspect package.
A number of retail units have been evacuated with staff being moved to a safe area.
A number of emergency services are also at the scene. Police cordoned off an area around the retail park just after 11am on Tuesday. A number of workers on a near by building site have have also been asked to stop work. A 15-metre cordon was put in place, while sniffer dogs inspected the package, which was wrapped in a bin bag with a wire around it, after it was thrown out of a passing van.
After inspecting the the package it was found it to be safe.

Police took the microwave away by 11.30am and the park reopened by 12.30pm.