A serving Essex Police officer has been found to have committed gross misconduct following a road rage incident


PC Jonathan Miles, who was based in Clacton, was accused of instigating the incident in Colchester on 15 April 2019 while off-duty.
He was accused of following another car around a roundabout, acting aggressively towards the driver and their passenger and was abusive towards them.
The allegations would breach the Standards of Professional Behaviour relating to ‘Authority, Respect, and Courtesy’ and ‘Discreditable Conduct’.
An Essex Police misconduct hearing was held at Chelmsford Civic Centre between 19 and 23 July.
The panel chaired by Independent Legally Qualified Chair Mrs Alex Robson found the allegations were proven.
PC Miles was dismissed without notice.
Assistant Chief Constable Andy Prophet said: “We expect all officers and staff to maintain the highest possible standards of conduct regardless of whether they are off duty.
“We police with the consent of the public so it’s essential we all behave in a respectful and courteous way, whether as part of our work keeping the public safe or in our day-to-day lives.
“Every day our officers find themselves in challenging situations and it’s vital they keep their cool and do not lose their temper to ensure they are making rational decisions.
“I would expect no different when they’re off duty.
“PC Jonathan Miles’ behaviour fell well below the standards we demand”.