Mets top cop off to serve the people of the Isle of Wight


The criminals of the sleepy Island of Wight are in for a wake up call when no nonsense top cop from the Met takes up his new posting on the 26th September.
No words mincing Chief Superintendent Raj Kohli says it how it is and very often over social media. Raj isn’t known to hold back if he’s got something to get off his chest. But why would he when he’s helped to turn around his latest Borough as the commander to be one of the most top performing in the Met. Raj has spent the past 29 years serving the public in the Met and now it’s time for change. Cue the hot fuzz theme tune.
Raj Kohli joined the Metropolitan Police Service in 1992. In 1999 he was promoted to Inspector and, in 2001, completed the Senior Investigators Course and moved to the Borough of Brent as the Detective Inspector in charge of pro-active operations. In 2006 Raj was promoted to Chief Inspector and was made the operational lead for the policing of South Brent. Shortly after, he moved into a central policy unit before being promoted to Superintendent and moving to Camden, where he oversaw significant reduction in gang crime, youth crime and gang-related violence. In 2012 Raj played a key role in helping deliver the London Olympics, being in charge of policing all parallel events across the 16 Boroughs south of the River Thames. In 2015 Raj became Chief Superintendent and Borough Commander for Hounslow. He was a finalist in the 2009 Asian Woman Magazine Award for services to the community and won the British Indian Award 2014 in the Best in Civil Services and Armed Forces category. He is the highest ranking Sikh officer in the Metropolitan Police. His next challenge swooping the beat of Camden for the Ferry to Cowes under the command of Chief Constable Olivia Pinckney said: We are so looking forward to Raj joining our brilliant @HantsPolice team!

You have been warned the people of the Isle of Wight officers included are in for a colourful ride.