M27 police chase driver aimed at traffic cops while driving wrong way on motorway

m27 police chase driver aimed at traffic cops while driving wrong way on motorway

Police this evening have chased a driver down the wrong side of the M27 Motorway in Hampshire. Six Traffic Police cars and a Helicopter were involved in the pursuit after the man who was wanted on warrant drove down the wrong side of the motorway towards oncoming traffic. The driver of silver Nissan Micra failed to pull over for police and at one point drove at traffic officers while travelling on the wrong side of the M27 near Fareham in Hampshire.

The motorist declined to stop for local officers from Portsmouth and then for officers from the Hampshire Road Policing Unit.

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He then led police on a pursuit at around just after 11.40pm on Tuesday evening.
Police officers also called on the support of the National Air Support Helicopter.
The crazy driver was then tracked from the sky by the police helicopter after worried motorists alerted the Police and blocked off the motorway to warn other drivers. A Police search dog was also brought in to hunt the man down after he ran off from the vehicle once it had crashed after contact had been made by an unmarked Police Volvo in an attempt to stop the driver.

One driver who witnessed the drama unfolding said, “I was casually driving down the M27 with my partner when a car pulls from the hard shoulder with sparks coming from his front near side wheel, swerving all over the road. I contacted the police as clearly there was something wrong. The cars next to me put our hazards on and blocked all 3 lanes to stop anything going near to the . The police then told me it was a car they had been chasing. The driver pulled off at junction 11 and ran a red light. At that point an un-marked police car rammed into the car 3 or 4 times before ending up T-boning the car and pushing it up onto the grass on the hard shoulder. Then another 10 police cars came out of nowhere and arrested the bloke. The helicopter was flying around over head as well. The police woman told us that me and the driver of the other car on the motorway were instrumental to the safety of other road users and they wouldn’t have caught the car when they did if it hadn’t been for us. I feel like I have achieved something today.

The pursuit came to an end when the out of control crazed drivers vehicle collides with crash barriers just off the A27 nears Pinks Hill. Police closed the road for a short time so the vehicle could be recovered. The driver has been arrested by Police and taken into custody for questioning over a number of offences.