Wightlink’s ferry the Victoria of Wight crashed upon arrival at Fishbourne on the Isle of Wight yesterday as passengers made their way back to their vehicles for departure from the ferry crossing to Fishbourne from Portsmouth

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Some delays to services were reported.
Wightlink said that they would be contacting customers onboard the 1 pm Ferry crossing to “offer support”
In a statement by Wightlink reads;
“There were 16 crew and 431 passengers on board. While some are undoubtedly shaken, there are no reports of any serious injuries.
The vehicles onboard the ferry when the incident happened have disembarked at Fishbourne.
Victoria of Wight has returned to Portsmouth. As there is some damage to the prow of the ship, it has been withdrawn from service for inspection.
There will be some delays to sailings this afternoon, but customers are advised to check-in as normal as the other vessels will run a shuttle service.”