A man has been convicted after he brazenly filmed himself on social media with a knife in a north London nightclub



Abel Buafo, 23 of Berry Lane, Lambeth, pleaded guilty to numerous offences between 12 March 2020 and Thursday, 29 July, including possession of a knife, possession of Class A drugs (MDMA and cocaine), possession of a Class B drug (cannabis), possession of criminal property and being concerned in the supply of a Class A drug (cocaine).

The court heard that detectives were alerted to Snapchat videos of Buafo at a nightclub on Silver Street in Enfield, on 22 December 2019 where he recorded himself in ‘selfie style’ waving a black folding knife around the venue. Officers reviewed CCTV from the nightclub for the same evening which corroborated the Snapchat footage.

The footage showed Buafo dancing and singing while waving the knife around, pointing it at his phone’s camera as well as towards people. The footage also showed Buafo ‘fist bumping’ people while holding the knife.

He is seen several times to get the knife out of his pocket and flick it open – at one point

In Snapchat footage of Buafo outside the club, he states ‘I’ve got my blicky on me.’ His friend nudges him and says ‘shhh’ to which Buafo replies ‘I don’t even care about the feds bruv, on my mum’s life.’

Later that day he posted an image on Snapchat looking sad with the caption ‘lost my shank.’ Shank is also a slang term for knife.

On 11 February 2020, officers forced entry to his home address on Berry Lane. Upon entry, officers noticed that the sink was overflowing with a number of plates, which had a white coloured layer of bubbles forming on them. Officers noted that they were not ‘typical washing-up bubbles’ but something derived from a diluted powder of chemical – giving the impression that Buafo had hurriedly flushed something down the sink. Officers took a sample of the white powder in the sink, which was found to be phenacetin, a well-known cutting agent for making crack cocaine