A man has been arrested after two officers were assaulted while responding to a report of a suspected burglary in Swindon


Police were called at around 5.10am this morning (07/08) following a number of suspicious incidents reported in the Homington Avenue area.

These included a suspected burglary and someone breaking into a parked car.

However, when officers arrived at the scene and tried to detain the suspect, two of them were punched to the face, one of whom was knocked to the ground.

A 30-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of two counts of assaulting an emergency worker, burglary and theft from a motor vehicle and is currently in custody at Gablecross Police Station.

Inspector Colin Conway said: “Thankfully neither of these officers were seriously injured, but we will continue to highlight the unacceptable abuse and violence that police officers and staff so often face when they are carrying out their duties protecting the public.

“What began as a relatively straight-forward job, investigating reports of suspicious incidents, quickly turned violent and resulted in two officers finishing their shift battered and bruised.”