Fire crews called to reports of a fire in corn fields off Highsted Road near Sittingbourne


.Two fire engines were sent to the scene and crews used hose reel jets to extinguish the flames, which destroyed an area of approximately 10m x 10m of corn. No casualties were reported. It’s believed the fire was started deliberately. Grass fires are more common in the summer months, when the ground is dry and can cause flames to spread more quickly. Incidents like this can have a devastating impact, injuring or killing wildlife, destroying property and livelihoods, and even putting people’s lives at risk. You can help to reduce the risk of a grass fire, by: – When lighting a bonfire, keep it to a manageable size, make sure it’s well clear of greenery and property, and always supervise it while it’s burning. Avoid having a bonfire in windy weather. – Dispose of smoking materials responsibly, making sure they’re fully stubbed out and cooled before being put in a bin – consider using a portable ashtray when on the go. – Place disposable barbecues on a sturdy, non-flammable surface when cooking, away from greenery and property, and only place in a bin once fully cool.