A man has been jailed after harassing a woman and threatening to throw acid in her face after she refused to date him


Hamzah Shakeel, met his victim on an online dating app meeting up with her twice before being told that their relationship was going to be purely friendly.

In retaliation at his victim’s request to just be friends things then turned sour with Shakeel began to contact her over 20 times a day and sending aggressive and abusive messages.

In an effort to scare his victim he threatened to throw acid in her face when he found out she had met someone else stating that he knew where she lived.

The 21-year-old from Greenside Walk, Bakersfield, then carried on messaging his victim with jealous messages and making comments of a sexual nature towards her and her family.

After being ignored by his victim he then set about making several new snap chat accounts and sending repeated friend requests in a bid to get his victim to contact him.

During his police interview in March this year Shakeel laughed throughout being questioned about his messages to his victim and her family.

When asked about threatening to throw acid he stated he only said this to shock and scare her as he was retaliating in anger after she met someone else.

Shakeel who harassed his victim from July 2020 till March 2021 was charged with stalking involving serious alarm and distress.

Appearing at Nottingham Crown Court on 1 September 2021 after pleading guilty he was sentenced to two years 10 months in prison.

Constable Daniel Kicks, from Nottinghamshire Police said: “Stalking and harassment are horrible crimes and can leave victims feeling terrified and helpless.

“We take these incidents extremely seriously and encourage anyone who might be experiencing this to contact us immediately.

“We’re glad to have put a stop to Shakeel’s intimidation and welcome the court’s sentence and it will hopefully give him time to reflect on his actions and the emotional effect he had on his victim.

“The victim and her family suffered emotionally, and we hope that she can put this ordeal behind her.

“We would urge anyone else who finds themselves in a similar position to call the police as soon as possible.”