A man who tried to attack complete strangers in a Bexhill street while armed with a knife, has now been given a two-and-a-half-year prison sentence


Darren Rogers, 45, a scaffolder, of Plough Road, Eastchurch, Kent, was sentenced at Lewes Crown Court on 29 September, having been convicted in July of making threats to kill, and possession of a knife.

On the afternoon of Saturday 2 November 2019 Rogers, who has already served a seven-year sentence for manslaughter after stabbing his ex-partner to death in Kent in October 1999, was seen running along Cantelupe Road, Bexhill, wielding a knife

He threatened a man who was trying to start his own van with jump leads, assisted by his sister-in-law. Both got back in their own vehicles but Rogers repeatedly attacked the windows of both, striking them with the knife and shouting threats.

Thankfully he failed to break the windows and eventually the man managed to distract Rogers by driving slowly away causing Rogers to follow him, leaving his other victim terrified in the street. Police were called and swiftly found Rogers in nearby Bedford Avenue where they arrested him. He initially claimed the man was threatening him but when later interviewed refused to answer any questions.

Detective Constable Nick Arthur of East Sussex CID said; “This sudden and violent attack was a traumatic experience for both victims and for at least one bystander, who gave valuable evidence.

“It was clear that Rogers was totally out of control at that point, and it is very fortunate that nobody was seriously hurt.”