It’s not always about Catching Burglars and Muggers

its not always about catching burglars and muggers

With the Thin Blue becoming even thinner and police coming in for a hard time being told they should be out catching rapist and muggers, community policing was really put on display by officers from Hampshire Constabulary this afternoon in Southampton.

A pensioner in his 80s flagged down a passing Police car after his car got a flat tyre on West End High Street. Concerned that his passenger – his wife who is also in her late 80s – would get cold, the elderly motorist roped in the two armed cops to help change his wheel.

One six foot officer removed his body armour whilst his female colleague emptied out the back of the patrol car to find a wheel brace to help change the tyre. Passing motorists who watched the drama honked in approval whilst the officer put the spirit back into Community Policing.