Firefighter Drew Ricketts, from Green Watch at Solihull Fire Station, has been nominated for a Pride of Britain Award for his “quick and decisive actions” at an incident whilst off duty last year.

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In November 2020, Drew was with his partner at a petrol station in Billesley when he noticed a woman nearby calling for help.[0]=AZWE2JmgtBUKQq6wuNyVauMwc6UmKp6kVCR6ZiKfI50Cdf2mozPwukLHCFx3j6fW804jybLenx07I5v3dzV9fr_O0ilW1ZLuUVqg7y38k1zRQAlQO4LcGAoeTF6SPGvxJtTH-P6TJVfcb6Uv5A13OrArrtjJjk4WpLnLfPxI5PCgvoPOy_DJODcPHGEsE5IJYvw&__tn__=kK-R">West Midlands Fire Service Chief Fire Officer, Phil Loach, said: “It quickly became apparent that a road traffic collision had taken place where a man had been hit by a car and was unconscious with significant head injuries and not breathing.
“Following an assessment of the scene, FF Ricketts began CPR on the patient whilst on the phone to colleagues at West Midlands Ambulance Service and worked with others at the scene to compress the bleeding and maintain spinal support.
“Following CPR, the man regained consciousness. At this point the ambulance crew arrived and FF Ricketts provided a handover of the scene whilst continuing to assist.
“Since the incident the family have been in touch to let FF Ricketts know that the gentleman is now out of hospital and his health is steadily progressing.
“The family have nominated Drew for both a Pride of Britain Award and a Pride of Birmingham Award.
“I would like to congratulate and recognise FF Ricketts for his quick and decisive actions, calling on all his training, to assist and support in a challenging situation where a life was saved.”