When the owner of this motorbike set off on their journey, they didn’t think it would be their last

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This tragic scene is one our officers never want to be called to – but sadly, in recent days they have had to tell too many families their loved ones won’t be coming home.
This month, we have already responded to several fatal road traffic incidents involving motorcycles in Hampshire, which happened within the space of four days. Four motorcyclists lost their lives.
By comparison, in October last year Officers say they had no fatal collisions in which motorcyclists lost their lives.
So they are  are calling on everyone on our roads to drive more safely and make sure it isn’t someone you love that gets a call from us.
Sgt Scott Kerr, Road Safety Sergeant, said: “If you ride a motorcycle, it’s proven you are far more likely to be seriously injured if you are involved in a collision.
“But it is still everyone’s responsibility to keep our roads safe so we are urging motorists to drive responsibly.
“Did you know 65 per cent of all motorcycle collisions happen at or near a junction?
“One common cause is that other road users do not see a motorcycle or misjudge its speed or path, and carry out a manoeuvre in front of them – which underlines the fact that everyone is responsible for road safety.
“Motorcyclists can take extra steps to stay safe, such as wearing a helmet, protective and high visibility clothing, keeping within the speed limits, weather and road conditions and riding sensibly.
“As the nights draw in during autumn and winter the sun can be particularly dazzling, so please take this into consideration.”
We assist with BikeSafe courses for motorcyclists to improve their skills, to get more enjoyment and ride more safely.