Chef narrowly escapes death after pantograph smashes through train windscreen causing hours of delays for thousands

A chef on board a Eurotunel train narrowly escaped being killed today after aEurotunel train ripped out 400 metres of overhead cabling whilst on route to France we can reveal.

A shaken worker was nearly killed after the pantograph got caught and was ripped off and smashed through the roof of the restaurant car onboard revealed a Eurotunel  staff member who asked not to be namedThey have had to send down emergency teams to earth the damaged cable and carry out emergency works to fix the damage the bloke involved is lucky to be alive. 

Thousands of people have faced lengthy delays at both sides of the channel. There are currently six hours delays and these are likely to remain for some time the source said


An emergency rescue train had to be sent down to rescue those trapped onboard that caused the damage and an investigation has been launched.

Eurostar and Eurotunel  have been approached comment

We would like to make clear that when first published we stated a Eurostar train had been involved in was infact a Eurotunnel train.