Man found dead in Hazmat suicide at Sunbury Premier inn hotel

Poisonous chemicals have killed a man in an apparent suicide that prompted the evacuation of the Premier inn on Staines Road West we sadly report this evening.

About 3pm on Thursday afternoon (28th October 2021) emergency services were dispatched to the hotel on a report of an attempted suicide using chemicals. The crew found the man understood to be in his early 20’s dead in a hotel room. 

A Police source said that officers are investigating the incident as a suicide

A number of people were evacuated from the hotel whilst an investigation was launched into the chemical used by the man to take his life.

Hazardous materials teams from the fire service set up a decontamination area whilst others works to identify the unknown chemical.  The results of the chemical tests that are believed to have been a sodium nitrite based product have been shared with officers from Surrey Police. They are now working on behalf of the coroner to prepare a file for an inquest that will be opened later.